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What sports do the kids play and what are the living conditions like?
grade 6
New Jersey, USA

James, the kids play football, netball and volleyball. The football they play is called soccer in the United States. The game called netball is derived from basket ball but the hoop does not have a net or back board and they do not bounce the ball on the ground.

The living conditions on Rusinga Island are very harsh. There is no electricity. The houses do not have running water or bathrooms in or near the house. The floors are usually dirt and the roofs are a thin sheet of iron. There is very little furniture, sometimes just two straight back chairs and a low table. There are no beds or pillows and the kids put down a thin mat on the floor to sleep on at night. Sometimes if torn clothes are available, these are used as pillows.
If there are windows in the house, there is no transparent covering or wire mesh. Sometimes a piece of cloth or metal roofing is used for a door.
The houses are made of a mud mixture over sticks which makes them weak during rainy season. When it rains the walls wash away and sometimes houses fall. Most of the houses are like this, but some of the people with good jobs (this is just a few people on the entire island) have now built sturdier houses. However, they do not have electricity, bathrooms or running water either.
The only clean running water in the area is the filtered and chlorinated drinking water we provide at the Kageno center for people in the community to use. Otherwise, all the water for the people, the animals and the food they grow comes from the polluted lake. That means the dirty lake water is the water people drink and cook with. The clothes are also carried to the shore and washed in the lake along with the dishes. Adults and children also bathe in the lake.

Village ladies playing net ball. Usually children play this game, but the ladies also love it.
House detail showing mud and sticks and door of roofing material.

Was it fun for the children to create and paint the "Kindness Mural "? Did they like using the acrylic paints?
grade 6
California, USA

Yes Carter, the children loved making the "Kindness mural" !
Picture 5
They all took the preparations for these two murals very seriously and were all very honored and proud to have been invited to do this important project by the Phillips Brooks School in California, USA.
The children loved painting with the acrylic paints and brushes. This was definitely the very first time for any of these children to paint with paints, especially acrylic as it is very difficult to obtain and too expensive to buy. The Kageno Kids who participated and created the 2 murals were different ages which ranged between 6 to 16 yrs.

If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see how the children used the paints very sparingly and much like they use pencils and crayons to draw. This is probably vary different from the other group's murals who are very familiar to painting. Usually these kids will use much more paint and move it around a lot with the brushes.

The making of the 1st "
Kindness Mural"
The proud artists