Great Things At Kageno

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2006 Achievements
•Installation of a VSAT for internet access & education
•Design & construction of the Kageno Nursery School & Library
•Launching of K-Blog - the official Blog for Kageno
•Dreyfus Health Foundation PSBH Workshop
•Operation Crossroads Health assessment and vaccination program
•Official opening of the Kageno Nursery School & Library
•Welcomed aboard Kageno Rwanda Country Director Levi Ngilimana
•Kageno Harambee - A Village Event gala dinner & silent auction
•World AIDS Day mobilization/awareness event with 1500 in attendance.
•Hired a nurse to care for the children attending the Kageno Nursery School
•Welcomed aboard our Kageno Kenya General Manager Debra Oweggi
•Raising school fees for 8 children to attend primary school
•Nursery school expanded from 128 - 200 children
-The Kageno Nursery School from conception to completion
•Welcomed aboard Kageno Worldwide Director of Operations Karl Baker
•Launched feeding program providing 1 meal a day for each child
attending the Kageno Nursery School

The Kageno Nursery School- Just one of the MANY great things happening at Kageno!






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